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Shooting New Zealand’s Awe-Inspiring Glow-Worms


Auckland-based photographer Shaun Jeffers recently traveled to the Ruakuri Caves in Waitomo, New Zealand to capture stunning photographs of glow-worms. Jeffers explains a bit more about the worms: “New Zealand glow-worms are the larvae (maggots) of a species of fly called a fungus gnat. Like all insects, glow-worms have an organ similar to kidneys. But glow-worms have a special ability to use this organ to create a glowing light. They usually turn the light on just after dark and shine all night long.

Turn off the lights and enjoy the series below… 

COOPH Shaun Jeffers 001
COOPH Shaun Jeffers 002
COOPH Shaun Jeffers 003
COOPH Shaun Jeffers 004
COOPH Shaun Jeffers 005
COOPH Shaun Jeffers 006
COOPH Shaun Jeffers 007
COOPH Shaun Jeffers 008

Written by Matthew Rycroft

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