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COOPH master Markus Berger recently produced this dynamic series of photos with Real Madrid basketball star Sergio Llull. With only a two hour window for the shoot, a great deal of preparation went into the project. After transporting a huge amount of gear to Madrid, Markus tested the setups the night before with his assistant. He also had to collaborate with Vienna based designer Emmanuel Jesse to turn a translucent globe into a glowing basketball, and ensure that all images were in compliance with Llull’s other sponsors.

The use of subtle red lighting was a visual concept intended to represent Sergio’s nickname ‘Red Llull’ and to symbolise the flashing buzzer which signals the end of the game. Markus explains; “When Red Bull approached me to shoot with Sergio Llull, it felt like a dream come true. As a photographer, I always believed that if you take images of something you are personally passionate about, the results will show."

COOPH Markus Berger 01
COOPH Markus Berger 02
COOPH Markus Berger 03
COOPH Markus Berger 04
COOPH Markus Berger 05
COOPH Markus Berger 06

Written by Fred Simmons

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