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Silent City: Conrad Clifton


Conrad Clifton is a Brooklyn based photographer and electronic artist. Recently COOPH caught up with him in December at his group show Phase IV. His works, along with Austance Caroline and Lea Wulferth, were on display. The location, a historic underground gym in the basement of a Bushwick church called Gymopedie, brought the works together in a unified, comprehensive manner. The show's slogan was, "New York Ain't dead while we're all still living. We're still making things and want to share a piece of art, an idea, a moment with you.”

Conrad's photographs displayed in the exhibition, are apart of a larger project, resulting in his photo book debut, “Silent City.” Conrad states, “SILENT CITY is named after the second song from my album, ‘Get Your Whole Life.’ The theme is of self-reflection. Taking a moment - once all the commotion of a vibrant metropolitan melting pot has become quiet and calm - to reflect on our similarities as humans on this rock, rather than our differences. It’s about empathy. Practice it.”


Conrad Clifton COOPH 001


Conrad Clifton COOPH 002

Silent City Book

Conrad Clifton COOPH 003

Silent City Book

Conrad Clifton COOPH 004

Phase IV Art Show Pics by Zaza Weissgerber

Conrad Clifton COOPH 005

Phase IV Art Show Pics by Zaza Weissgerber

Conrad Clifton COOPH 006

Phase IV Art Show Pics by Zaza Weissgerber

Conrad Clifton COOPH 007


Conrad Clifton COOPH 008

The Phase IV: Art Exhibition can virtually be viewed here.

You can check out Conrad’s new photography book, “Silent City,” here.

Follow Conrad on Instagram of browse his website.

Listen to his album, “Get Your Whole Life,” here.

Written by Rowynn Dumont

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