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Skating the Dream


Based in Slovenia, photographer Luke Paige posed the question, “How would it look if I could skate in a dream?” The answer came in the form of the alien-looking revolution monument in Podgaric, Croatia which was built during World War II by Dusan Dzamonja, a contemporary Macedonian sculptor. The shoot stars Slovenian skateboarders Jan Robek and Miha Miklavcic.

When asked about what photography means to him, Luke answers, “Taking pictures has given me a sense of unity and personal satisfaction. They are relics of my life. Souvenirs of my wandering. All that I have learned concerning light and composition is contained within them. For me photographing people is not only looking at faces through a lens, it is a very connecting moment I establish with the person.”

Let your mind wander through Luke’s surreal ‘Skating the Dream’ shoot below… 

Luke Paige COOPH 001
Luke Paige COOPH 002
Luke Paige COOPH 003
Luke Paige COOPH 004
Luke Paige COOPH 005
Luke Paige COOPH 006
Luke Paige COOPH 007

Be sure to check out Luke's epic portfolio here

Written by Matthew Rycroft

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