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Steampunk Chic In The Style Of a Jules-Verne Novel…


The series Voyages Extraordinaires by Swiss-Italian born photographer Christian Tagliavini creates an atmosphere akin to a Jules-Verne novel. This is no coincidence as Christian’s goal in creating his imagery is in fact to reflect an “eclectic homage” to the adventurous journeys in Verne’s novelettes. Each photograph is “superbly hand-crafted, to insinuate the extraordinary volatility of this almost extracorporeal experience,” as Christian puts it. 

Enjoy the journey...

Christian Tagliavini 002

Madame Alphonsine

Christian Tagliavini 004

Voyages Extraordinaires, La Sélénaute

Christian Tagliavini 005
Voyages Extraordinaires, Le Départ
Christian Tagliavini 008


Christian Tagliavini 009

L'attente, Place des Rêves

Christian Tagliavini 010

L'attente, La petite sœur

Christian Tagliavini 011

L'attente, Avenue des Titans

Christian Tagliavini 012

L'attente, Le noble père

Written by Rowynn Dumont

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