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Valencia-based Daniel Rueda is a graduate architect and self-taught architectural photographer. He found that people without backgrounds in architecture were not easily drawn to his work, so he teamed up with his girlfriend and accomplice Anna Devís; also an architect, and a student of design and illustration. Together they came up with a more playful approach to architecture photography.

In their images, the architecture of the place is connected to a story, showing either Anna, Daniel or both of them interacting with the environment. They either travel to unique locations or create everything from scratch. Their goal is simple: Catch the viewer’s attention, tell a visual story the audience understands at first glance and put a smile on their faces.

By playing with the elements, the background and geometry, Daniel and Anna want to show that architecture can be interesting for everyone. Daniel explains; “The idea behind all this is that people should feel inspired to tell stories with photography instead of just showing places or taking selfies.” 

COOPH Daniel Rueda 02
COOPH Daniel Rueda 04
COOPH Daniel Rueda 05
COOPH Daniel Rueda 07
COOPH Daniel Rueda 08
COOPH Daniel Rueda 11
COOPH Daniel Rueda 12
COOPH Daniel Rueda 13

Written by Michael Griessler

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