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Stray Dogs


Sevil Alkan is a photographer based in Istanbul. Her work is focused primarily on street photography. She is the co-founder of H-art and winner of the LensCulture Street Photography Awards 2019.

Her photography book, “Stray Dog,” depicts a “visual bond” with her home. She states, “That was a time I strayed into a sphere of feelings I have not been before. A heightened state of awareness that shed a brighter light on things. I started to grow a new visual bond with Istanbul and its people, animals and inanimate objects. This resulted in images trying to unveil for the viewer the complexity of everyday scenes on the street and open new channels for reflection. “Stray Dog” is not and won’t be a project. It is rather a visual approach I feel comfortable in. A natural habitat I can take shelter in after straying into various unchartered territories in my photographic journey.”

Follow Sevil in this black and white pictorial journey through Istanbul…

Sevilalkan COOPH 001
Sevilalkan COOPH 002
Sevilalkan COOPH 003
Sevilalkan COOPH 004
Sevilalkan COOPH 005
Sevilalkan COOPH 006
Sevilalkan COOPH 007
Sevilalkan COOPH 008
Sevilalkan COOPH 009



Sevilalkan COOPH 010
Sevilalkan COOPH 011
Sevilalkan COOPH 012

Check out Sevil's website here.

Written by Rowynn Dumont

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