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Photo: Vincente Munoz

Vicente Munoz’s “Sublimis,” is an ongoing series of photographs utilizing infrared photography, exploring the struggle between man and nature. The series is a total of 38 large formate chrome film photographs, utilizing the sublimation technique on aluminum. The name of the series, is sourced from the large-scale painting by expressionist: Barnett Newman. The original title being: “Vir Heroicus Sublimis (Man, Heroic and Sublime). Vincente Munoz is a photographer and sculptor, who’s practice, “examines how spaces are conceived, inhabited, and experienced.”

Munoz Sublimis COOPH 001
Munoz Sublimis COOPH 002
Munoz Sublimis COOPH 003
Munoz Sublimis COOPH 004
Munoz Sublimis COOPH 005
Munoz Sublimis COOPH 006
Munoz Sublimis COOPH 007
Munoz Sublimis COOPH 008
Munoz Sublimis COOPH 009



Munoz Sublimis COOPH 010

Written by Rowynn Dumont

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