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Surreal Visions


Hussam Eissa is an engineering student based in Alexandria. He started photography and digital manipulations as a hobby alongside his studies and now works as a freelancer. His series of artworks was developed over the past two years and is called “Surreal”. However, Hussam gave every image its own descriptive title.

His dreamlike photos are set in dark and fascinating surroundings while breaking natural boundaries. Whales and hands are the main subjects in his artworks. He explains; “Whales represent some sort of sensation that is deep and sad, yet calm and emotional. The hands represent the salvation or help from sadness.“


COOPH Hussam Eissa 01

Just trying to be brave

COOPH Hussam Eissa 02

Lost in Atlantis

COOPH Hussam Eissa 03

Ocean Skies

COOPH Hussam Eissa 04


COOPH Hussam Eissa 05


COOPH Hussam Eissa 06

The sky will lead

COOPH Hussam Eissa 07

To see more of Hussam’s captivating work, check out his Behance and Instagram.

Written by Michael Griessler

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