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Take a Safari Through The Wild Concrete Jungle of Hong Kong


French fine art photographer Romain Jacquet-Lagréze’s work is a reflection of the ever-growing megalopolis that is Hong Kong. Series such as The Blue Moment and Wild Concrete take the viewer on a photographic journey of the push and pull between man made architecture and the perseverance of nature within the realm of the concrete jungle. HK Neon Signs vs. The Old Shops creates a divergent form of image making that exposes just how quickly modernity has changed the streets of Hong Kong. As a whole the diversity of the series shows an over all picture of how beautiful this urban municipality really is. 

COOPH Romain Jacquet 001
COOPH Romain Jacquet 002
COOPH Romain Jacquet 003
COOPH Romain Jacquet 004
COOPH Romain Jacquet 005
COOPH Romain Jacquet 006
COOPH Romain Jacquet 007
COOPH Romain Jacquet 008
COOPH Romain Jacquet 009

Written by Rowynn Dumont

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