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Take Refuge


In his multidisciplinary art practice, Kevin Cooley works across the mediums of photography, video and installation. In his work, he looks at our relationships with nature, technology and ultimately, each other. His series “Take Refuge” shows human interaction with the elemental forces of nature, exploring human presence and intervention in the landscape.

Kevin explains; “The Classical forces of nature (earth, fire, wind, water), are presented in contention with one another, or against a human figure, alluding to our physical and psychological attempts to understand our position in the universe and the obsession with exploring, conquering, and ultimately controlling it.”

COOPH Kevin Cooley 01
COOPH Kevin Cooley 02
COOPH Kevin Cooley 03
COOPH Kevin Cooley 04
COOPH Kevin Cooley 05
COOPH Kevin Cooley 06
COOPH Kevin Cooley 07
COOPH Kevin Cooley 08

See more of Kevin’s captivating images by heading over to his website or Instagram.

Written by Michael Griessler

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