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Taking an Urbex Photo Expedition with Jeremy Harris


Photographs of abandoned buildings are always rather eerie – perhaps due to the reminder of how temporary life is. Photographer Jeremy Harris began shooting abandoned buildings and ruins as a teenager. In 2006, he discovered and began documenting many abandoned mental hospitals, sanitariums and state schools on the east coast and southeast regions of the United States. Enjoy a gallery of some of Jeremy’s favorite urbex shots…

COOPH Jeremy Harris  060128 7162
COOPH Jeremy Harris  070207-5878
COOPH Jeremy harris 080401 1502-3
COOPH Jeremy harris 090411 01280
COOPH Jeremy harris 090606 04257
COOPH Jeremy harris 130523-8317
COOPH Jeremy harris 140427-3425
COOPH Jeremy harris 140427-9462
COOPH Jeremy Harris connvalley9993-05
COOPH Jeremy harris 140622-0341
COOPH Jeremy harris greystone05-04

Want moar? Drop by Jeremy's site here, pick up some prints here and visit him on Facebook here.

Written by Matthew Rycroft

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