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Talking photography with Leah Gordon


Back in May, COOPH writer Rowynn Dumont caught up with British photographer Leah Gordon in New York. Amongst other artists, Leah’s photographic documentation of Haiti was being exhibited at the The Clemente Center in East Village, NYC. In this interview video, Leah tells Rowynn about her relationship to photography and the nature of her work in Haiti.

Big thanks goes out to Leah for her insights and to Rowynn for producing the video. Currently, Leah is running as the curator to another exhibition about the Haitian capital state of Port-au-Prince. Displaying the collective works of 25 artists, the exhibit runs until November 11th 2018 at a cultural centre in Brooklyn, New York called Pioneer Works. If you’re in the area, be sure to stop by; this one is not to be missed!

To learn more about Leah Gordon and her other photography projects, check out her website here.  



Written by Fred Simmons

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