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Techniques: Melanie Rush Davis


Photo: Melanie_Rush_Davis

Melanie Rush Davis was a Pinhole photographer, who was also known as the “The Pinhole Queen,” of Texas. Melanie built her own pinholes, by assembling and modifying various antiquarian cameras. Her subject matter varied, often exploring themes of the Southwest, festivals and local legends. Recently Melanie’s work was exhibited at the Blue Start Arts Complex, in San Antonio.

Melanie Davis COOPH 001
Melanie Davis COOPH 002
Melanie Davis COOPH 003
Melanie Davis COOPH 004
Melanie Davis COOPH 005
Melanie Davis COOPH 006
Melanie Davis COOPH 007
Melanie Davis COOPH 008

Image Titles:
Check Point Charlie Berlin
Circus Elephant
Laurel #1
Medicine show
Melanie’s main camera
Mexican street musicians
Moon Over Wimberly

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Written by Rowynn Dumont

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