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The Alchemist’s Workshop


Michael Tirat-auter is a wet-plate photographer based in France. He is influenced by Charlie Chaplin & Buster Keaton, Nina Simone and Ray Charles.

Michael created a traveling workshop, which he calls, “The Alchemist’s Workshop.” The portable darkroom is built on the back of a tricycle, which he cycles across Bordeaux taking peoples portraits.

When asked what inspired Michael to create a portable darkroom, he responded, “The fact is that all we need in this old process is very impressive: chemistry, water, tanks, tripod, camera, gray water evacuation system, security for delicate plates, trays and more…All this equipment is sensitive, so I need to be very careful in securing it. So the best way was a tricycle, easy to customize with wooden boards and hand-painted like vintage French sign stores."

Michael Tirat COOPH 001
Michael Tirat COOPH 002
Michael Tirat COOPH 003
Michael Tirat COOPH 004
Michael Tirat COOPH 005
Michael Tirat COOPH 006
Michael Tirat COOPH 007
Michael Tirat COOPH 008
Michael Tirat COOPH 009



Michael Tirat COOPH 010

Check out Michael's website here and his Instagram here.

Written by Rowynn Dumont

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