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The Arctic Melt


Diane Tuft’s photo series ‘The Arctic Melt’ is not only an inspiring piece of art but also a wake-up call. From Russia, via Svalbard, Norway, Diane embarked on a journey through the Arctic Ocean in a Russian nuclear-powered icebreaker. She visited the North Pole in 2015 and Greenland in 2016 to document the progressing disappearance of one of our planet’s most remarkable landscapes.

The NYC-based photographer points out that the effects of climate change in the Arctic are drastic. In her book ‘The Arctic Melt: Images of a Disappearing Landscape’ she shares her photos and impressions. Diane says; “I hope that my images of this fragile landscape will stimulate discussion and influence policy that will focus on protecting life on earth.”

COOPH Diane Tuft 01
COOPH Diane Tuft 02
COOPH Diane Tuft 03
COOPH Diane Tuft 04
COOPH Diane Tuft 05
COOPH Diane Tuft 06
COOPH Diane Tuft 07
COOPH Diane Tuft 08

Written by Michael Griessler

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