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Formerly a filmmaker, Paul Adshead exclusively dedicates himself to photography these days. Paul’s photographic works are rich with narrative and has a cinematic quality which harkens back to his filmmaking days.

We asked Paul to talk us through his “Profolio”, with a selection of his favorite works…

Paul Adshead 001

The Diner - This is one of the few pieces which has a title. I liked the ambiguity of the word 'Diner' which obviously refers to the location but is also a comment on the current singular status of our subject...

Paul Adshead 002

Personally I find the moments before or after an event more interesting and telling on the human condition than that of the actual event itself. The vagueness this brings helps the viewer attach their own ideas to the pieces and hopefully helps the works resonate longer.

Paul Adshead 004

Another from the 'Diner' shoot. It was literally shot within minutes of the dark moody shot above and illustrates how you can dramatically change a location with your lights... 

Paul Adshead 005

Fun Fact: The room we used for this shoot actually belonged to the dog in the photograph! What do you mean your dog doesn't have his own bedroom? The shelf he is standing on was especially built so he could watch the world go by...

Paul Adshead 007

This shoot was inspired by the old crime scene photos which were taken to record as much information about the murder as possible. One of the questions in this piece is who do the feet belong to? Could this possibly be before the police have arrived? And yes we were really that high up and close to the edge...

Paul Adshead 008

Upon arriving at this amazing hotel (the interior was designed by the people who did the Titanic!) I discovered that there was only one plug near by and it didn't work! So this was powered by two generators which I may have not bought if I hadn't of checked out the location. Iceberg avoided...

Paul Adshead 009

Sometimes I get narratives in my head which I need to get out of my system and this one was haunting me for a long time. One person described it as: "Military Shadiness” which is a great example of when people attach their own meanings to my work...

Paul Adshead 010

Yes we really were that high up! But don't worry we had someone underneath just incase he dropped his guitar... 

You can check out more of Paul's work on his website or follow his adventures on Instagram...

Written by Rowynn Dumont

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