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Friday February 16th marks the start of the Lunar New Year; an event widely celebrated across modern China. Also known as Spring Festival, or the Lunar New Year, the event is the cause of the world’s largest annual mass human migration. Following on from 2017’s year of the rooster, 2018 marks the year of the dog - and what better way to celebrate our canine friends than with the work of acclaimed photographer Alma Haser.

Based in London, Alma made a name for herself with her fine art photography and unique approach to portraiture. However, following an invitation to set up a pop-up photobooth at a dog event in East Sussex, she soon discovered a unique ability to capture a dog’s character and personality in her images. The positive response inspired Alma to continue the Dog Photobooth at events across the country and even holds personal shoots at client’s homes.

Want to learn more about the Dog Photobooth? Check out its website, Facebook and Instagram. To see Alma’s other work, head over to her website and Instagram.  

COOPH Alma Haser 01
COOPH Alma Haser 02
COOPH Alma Haser 03
COOPH Alma Haser 04
COOPH Alma Haser 05
COOPH Alma Haser 06
COOPH Alma Haser 07
COOPH Alma Haser 08

Written by Fred Simmons

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