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The Lonely Man


Images may be captured in fractions of seconds, but some require huge amounts of preparation. One such example would be ‘The Lonely Man’ by Nicky Hamilton. The set design for each shot was single-handedly built by the British photographer, who planned every scene down to the very last detail. Telling a sorrowful tale of depression and alcohol abuse, the powerful images were all taken in his studio over a 4 year period.

He says; "My process is slow and meticulous. It takes around 3 months to produce one picture. First I create the concept as a sketch and then transfer it into a 3D pre-visual to pre-light and test colour palettes. Then I build the set, followed by set dressing and styling. The next stage is the pre-light; I use continuous lighting for a more cinematic and natural feel.”

COOPH Nicky Hamilton01
COOPH Nicky Hamilton02
COOPH Nicky Hamilton03
COOPH Nicky Hamilton04
COOPH Nicky Hamilton05
COOPH Nicky Hamilton06
COOPH Nicky Hamilton07
COOPH Nicky Hamilton08

Check out the rest of the series on Nicky’s website.

Written by Fred Simmons

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