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The Motion of the Climb


"I started rock climbing at the age of 11. From around the same time, I have a vivid memory of studying these light-colored stripes worn into my school's flagpole. It took my 11-year-old brain a while to realize that what I was looking at was the motion of a metal clasp swinging at the end of the halyard. With every gust of wind, that clasp would rub against the flagpole, taking with it a microscopic layer of metal. What I was looking at was the passage of time, frozen in a single moment."

Luke Rasmussen, aka PhLuke Photos, loves two things in life, photography, and climbing. Luke has figured out a way to bring the two things he is passionate about the most together in his photographic collection, "The Motion of the Climb." To create his imagery, Luke employs programmable LEDs and fastens them to his body. As he moves, he leaves his camera shutter open, creating long exposures of his climb. In each photograph, Luke proclaims, "I have frozen time in a moment."

Check out Luke's epic climbs below…

Chameleon Rock

Luke R COOPH 001

City of Lights

Luke R COOPH 002

Do Androids Dream of Electric Turkeys

Luke R COOPH 003


Luke R COOPH 004


Luke R COOPH 005

Passing the Torch

Luke R COOPH 006

Road to Pahrump

Luke R COOPH 007


Luke R COOPH 008

Synapse Collapse

Luke R COOPH 009



Through The Looking Glass

Luke R COOPH 010

Written by Rowynn Dumont

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