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Peter Kemp is a conceptual photographer from the Netherlands. His photography is based on his love of storytelling. Influenced by Johannes Vermeer and the other Dutch Masters, Peter’s work is dramatically lighted and has a sharp focus on detail. Peter states, “I try to create story telling pictures. With just a quick look, you might see an attractive photo by using colors and scenery. But a longer look might open doors to other little stories… In my scenes I focus on detail. All details are thought of long before my camera clicks.” We asked Peter to give us some of his favorite shots, for this PROFOLIO…

Peter Kemp COOPH001
Peter Kemp COOPH002
Peter Kemp COOPH003
Peter Kemp COOPH004
Peter Kemp COOPH005
Peter Kemp COOPH006
Peter Kemp COOPH007
Peter Kemp COOPH008
Peter Kemp COOPH009



Peter Kemp COOPH010

Written by Rowynn Dumont

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