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Shooting skateboarding with Red Bull Illume!


Photography and skateboarding are bound by a common thread: passion. We take pictures for the same reason skaters skate, it starts with a love that creates a desire to better yourself - whether that means capturing the perfect exposure, or landing an epic trick.

To celebrate the release of the new COOPH limited edition skate decks, we delved into the archives of Red Bull Illume to bring you a selection of our favorite skate photography from the past editions of the Image Quest. Check them out below! 

Red Bull Illume just announced that the Winner Award Ceremony will take place at 2275m, at the breathtaking LUMEN - Museum of Mountain Photography in South Tyrol, Italy.

If you want to be there, submit now!

sp13 025089 000955-reg-web, © Dave Lehl / Red Bull Illume© Dave Lehl / Red Bull Illume
pg13 017216 006359-reg.web, © Fred Mortagne / Red Bull Illume© Fred Mortagne / Red Bull Illume
en13 014958 009615-reg-web, © Davy van Laere / Red Bull Illume© Davy van Laere / Red Bull Illume
CL16 010955 011606-reg-web, © Marcos Ferro / Red Bull Illume© Marcos Ferro / Red Bull Illume
CE16 012468 013666-reg-web, © Lorenz Holder / Red Bull Illume© Lorenz Holder / Red Bull Illume
EH16 002530 011392-reg-web, © Roberto Bragotto / Red Bull Illume© Roberto Bragotto / Red Bull Illume
cl13 011188 009082-reg-web, © Michael Burnett / Red Bull Illume© Michael Burnett / Red Bull Illume
ex13 013325 007641-reg-web, © Roberto Bragotto / Red Bull Illume© Roberto Bragotto / Red Bull Illume
wi13 027235 010511-reg-web, © Keith Ladzinski / Red Bull Illume© Keith Ladzinski / Red Bull Illume
pg13 012273 009092-reg-web, © Anthony Acosta / Red Bull Illume© Anthony Acosta / Red Bull Illume

Written by Lukas Schulz

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