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Fred Tougas is a documentary and editorial travel photographer. Fred focuses primarily on the use of 35mm and 120mm film in his work. Fred started taking pictures while he was still completing his bachelors degree in communications. After graduation, he decided to make photography his profession of choice. Fred says about his work, “I like to find and read natural scenes, the way its subjects and elements unfold naturally before us to create beautiful and striking visual arrangements that are arguably either fleeting or timeless.” 

Fred Tougas COOPH001
Fred Tougas COOPH002
Fred Tougas COOPH003
Fred Tougas COOPH004
Fred Tougas COOPH005
Fred Tougas COOPH006
Fred Tougas COOPH007
Fred Tougas COOPH008
Fred Tougas COOPH009
Fred Tougas COOPH010

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Written by Rowynn Dumont

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