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Tina Sturzenegger


Tina Sturzenegger started her career in life, working in marketing and economics. Finding herself bored, she taught herself photography and began taking pictures. She chose the medium of food photography because it is the best way to convey her ideas.

Tina states, "With the series "there must be lights burning brighter somewhere," which is inspired by the Elvis song "if I can dream," I played with the self-optimizing that people have these days. We can keep the high demands on ourselves up for a while, but sooner or later, we'll fail, every time – again and again."

"It's a story about trying and failing - you should eat veggies and fruits, but instead you're smoking cigarettes, trying with vitamin pills to get a balanced healthy life, you know about the downside of eating seafood, but you having it anyways. The story goes on and on and on, but somewhere the light shines brighter."

This particular series was recently on view at the Art Director Club Gallery in Zurich.

there must... 000  Kentucky Feels 

Tina COOPH 001, Tina Strurzenegger

there must... 001  That’s all right, mama

Tina COOPH 002, Tina Strurzenegger

there must... 002  Martini & Dog

Tina COOPH 003, Tina Strurzenegger

there must... 003  Take out II

Tina COOPH 004, Tina Strurzenegger

there must... 004  Sorry things are shit right now

Tina COOPH 005, Tina Strurzenegger

there must... 005  Carbs

Tina COOPH 006, Tina Strurzenegger

there must... 006  Revenge, Motherfucker, Revenge

Tina COOPH 007, Tina Strurzenegger

there must... 007  Wash it off

Tina COOPH 008, Tina Strurzenegger

there must... 008  Elvis

Tina COOPH 009, Tina Strurzenegger



Written by Rowynn Dumont

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