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Transplanting Reality; Transcending Nature


Originally from St. Louis, Ellen Jantzen does not consider herself a photographer, but more of an image-maker. Ellen’s work bridges the gap between photography, print and collage. Ellen says of the series Transplanting Reality; Transcending Nature, “I am transplanting replica trees into the natural world then creating ethereal forms that blend with and supplant the natural environment. One is artificial, the other a spirit form; both represent the transcendence of nature.”

Experience the spirit form with Ellen's stunning shots…

Ellen Jantzen 001

 A Resonant Chill

Ellen Jantzen 002


Ellen Jantzen 003

Attaining Bliss

Ellen Jantzen 004

Enlightened Path

Ellen Jantzen 005

Evidence of Myth

Ellen Jantzen 006

Pushing the Sky Away

Ellen Jantzen 007

Shadow Reach

Ellen Jantzen 008

Sylvan Protectorate

Written by Rowynn Dumont

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