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The Unity Camera


Photo: Alireza Rostami

Alireza Rostami is an inventor and photographer from Iran. We already featured him in an article a few weeks back on his Watch Camera.

Alireza does not just take photos; he invents cameras. His latest innovation is called “The Unity Camera.” The idea behind this camera is one of the Symbolic. As an analog photographer, he has always held onto his used film cases. Each one of these cases, hold a special memory from the spent roll of film. With these empty cases, he has crafted two cameras, one 4x5 and one 120. Alireza came up with this concept after reading Anne Frank’s diary. To him, the cameras are a representation of peace and unity within the world. He has named the camera’s, “Anne Frank,” and “George Eastman” (his hero).

Check out the cameras below.

Unity COOPH 001
Unity COOPH 002
Unity COOPH 003
Unity COOPH 004
Unity COOPH 005
Unity COOPH 006
Unity COOPH 007
Unity COOPH 008
Unity COOPH 009



Unity COOPH 010

Alireza made a short film about the making of these unique cameras. You can view it here.

Written by Rowynn Dumont

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