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Vietnam from Above


Photo: Khanh Phan

Khan Phan is a 36-year-old who works in a bank in Minh City, Vietnam. In her spare time, she focuses on her passion for photography. Self-taught, having never attended art school, she states that the images that she creates come from the heart. We asked her to tell us a little more about her work.

“Vietnam is a beautiful country with hundreds of years old craft villages, beautiful natural landscapes, and Vietnamese people who are always diligent in their labor. I like everyday moments, the people at work, and the most beautiful person is the person with daily life and their work. Because labor creates value in life, labor creates happiness.

I went around Vietnam, met workers, talked to them, understood what they did, and shared funny stories with them. I recorded the moment they worked with the drone. With skilled hands, workers create colorful life pictures that can only be seen from the above view. The Vietnamese people stick to the traditional profession and take it as a way of gratitude to their ancestors. Although the traditional profession is very hard and low-income compared to other modern jobs, the artisans still stick to the profession as flesh and blood and want to pass it on to future generations.”

Khanh Phan COOPH001
Khanh Phan COOPH002
Khanh Phan COOPH003
Khanh Phan COOPH004
Khanh Phan COOPH005
Khanh Phan COOPH006
Khanh Phan COOPH007
Khanh Phan COOPH008

Written by Rowynn Dumont

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