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Christoffer Relander is a Finnish artist and self-taught photographer that loves to experiment with exposure, camera movement and other effects or techniques that could give a painterly feel to an image.

"In 2010 I began my journey experimenting with multiple exposure photography", he says. "During the years I have asked myself sometimes, am I limiting my imagination when sticking to this simple technique? Now, I am releasing my first personal project that was not created/blended in-camera.
I decided however to bring inspiration from both the multiple exposure film algorithms (negative film) and some basic darkroom techniques. All portraits and botanic textures are shot in the south of Finland during the first frost."

Relander also states he wouldn't have finished his project, "if it was not for the global situation caused by the Coronavirus."

See more exciting pieces of the "We are nature" project here.

Discover Christoffer's work on his website or follow him on Instagram!

Blood Ties

"Blood Ties" - 2019

butterfly mind

"Butterfly Mind" - 2019


"Dearest" - 2020

First Frost

"First Frost" - 2020

Frost   Fog

"Frost & Fog" - 2020

Frosted back

"Frosted Back" - 2019

Miss Autumn

"Miss Autumn" - 2019

Resting Butterfly

"Resting Butterfly" - 2019


"Triplets" - 2019


"Wildy" - 2020

Written by Lukas Schulz

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