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Welcome To The Surreal Dreamscapes Of The Mind


In his black & white composites, Swiss photographer Oliver Leins attempts to combine human characteristics, personal emotions, and natural elements into surreal dreamscapes. Oliver gets inspiration from experiences of sleep paralysis which he processes from impressions he finds in nature. While many people suffer from sleep paralysis consider it a curse, Oliver considers it a gift, which enables him to turn horrifying hallucinations into more comforting and alluring visual expression. This is a rather fascinating interpretation, and in stark contrast to photographer Nicolas Bruno’s haunting recreations of sleep paralysis that we featured recently. 

Stop feeling sleepy and let this captivating photo series wake you up. Check it out below…

COOPH Oliver Leins NEW001
COOPH Oliver Leins NEW002
COOPH Oliver Leins NEW003
COOPH Oliver Leins NEW004
COOPH Oliver Leins NEW005
COOPH Oliver Leins NEW006
COOPH Oliver Leins NEW007
COOPH Oliver Leins NEW008

Check out more of Oliver Lein’s work on his website, on Facebook, or on Behance. And don’t miss to check out his lovely pieces of music that accompany his visual work on soundcloud.

Written by Theresa Friedl

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