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When Hunger Hits


COOPH Master Ben Von Wong recently teamed up with Second Harvest Food Bank to capture his latest project ‘When Hunger Hits’. 

Even in developed first-world countries, many children still go hungry. Whilst Silicon Valley is home to numerous billionaires, 1 in 3 children still do not get enough food and nutrition. During the summer holidays, the situation can get worse as children can no longer access free or subsidised school meals.

To raise awareness for the cause, Ben decided to find an engaging new approach. Instead of producing a sad campaign that showed children as the victims, he decided instead to make them the heroes. With some clever concepts and great execution, he was able to deliver a series of photographs that are as engaging and motivating as they are memorable.

COOPH Ben Von Wong 01
COOPH Ben Von Wong 02
COOPH Ben Von Wong 03
COOPH Ben Von Wong 04
COOPH Ben Von Wong 05

Written by Fred Simmons

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