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10 photos that will take you to the skies


"Photos taken with an aerial perspective are thrilling and awe-inspiring to say the least. Whether they’re shot from a helicopter or a drone, every aerial photo makes us want to take straight to the skies, and experiment with the many ways to see and capture a travel destination."

To inspire your wanderlust and photography, 500px has gathered their favorite aerial photos around the world for you. Scroll down, and get ready to travel the world from above!

Cover photo by © Bryan Daugherty

kauai - na pali coast by Nate Karlssøn on

© Nate Karlsson / 500px

Lake Shore Drive Frozen by Razvan Sera on

© Razvan Sera / 500px

Little Green Foothills by Will Christiansen on

© Will Christiansen / 500px

Tones of Autumn by Tobias Hägg on

© Tobias Hagg / 500px

Shanghai Movement by Denys Nevozhai on

© Denys Nevozhai / 500px

Rivers & Roads by Nicholas Yee on

© Nicholas Yee / 500px


© Gerald Macua / 500px

Carron River, QLD, Australia by Shannon Wild on

© Shannon Wild / 500px

Are these crocodiles? by Ragnar Vutt on

© Ragnar Vutt / 500px

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