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10 shots of the animal kingdom that will make you want to fly


Experience the animal kingdom from a completely different perspective thanks to our friends at 500px

From zebras galloping in a river delta to dolphins swimming in the Maldives and elephants marching across the Namibian desert, this collection of photos will make you want to fly! 

Mayhem by Denzil Mackrory on

© Denzil Mackrory / 500px

Follow the Herd by Mark Price on

© Mark Price / 500px

Counting Sheep :) by Hans Kruse on

© Hans Kruse / 500px

Dolphins by Niklas Bernstein on

© Niklas Bernstein / 500px

Migration by Oleg Bazhenov on

© Oleg Bazhenov / 500px

Lovely sheeps by jong beom kim on

© Jong Beom Kim / 500px

The Majority Population in the Pahsimeroi Valley by Gretchen Roman on

© Gretchen Roman / 500px

Going nowhere by Barkhan Bıçakcıoğlu on

© Barkhan Bicakcioglu / 500px

Traffic by Mo Kamal on

© Mo Kamal / 500px

Head over to ISO.500px to check out more great collections! 

Written by Richard Bos

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