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13 selfies that will blow your mind!


Selfies are here to stay, at least if you take a look around social media. Love ’em or hate ’em, selfies are becoming a mainstay in photography. 

At least in the 500px community, you won’t find just any basic selfie. More and more, we’re seeing photographers and artists alike get creative and experimental with taking photos of themselves, or parts of themselves.And we’re not even talking about self-portraits shot with a tripod and a remote, perfectly framed with the photographer posed against a scene. By selfie, we mean the first-person perspective portrait snapped within an arm’s length of the photographer, capturing a spontaneous vibe and a trace of the shooter’s own personality in the spur of the moment.

Scroll down, and get inspired!

The Edge of Space by Christopher Michel on

© Christopher Michel / 500px

Selfie with style in Jellyfish lake by Parnupong Norasethkamol on

© Parnupong Norasethkamol / 500px

Macau, China. by Alen Palander on

© Alen Palander / 500px

From Where I Dangle My Feet by Jennifer Bin on

© Jennifer Bin / 500px

Reach for the stars by Yaroslav Seheda on

© Yaroslav Saheda / 500px

viva love by Justin Lim on

© Justin Lim / 500px

Flying over Soca Valley, Slovenia by Robi on

© Robi / 500px

Captain at work by Martijn Kort on

© Martijn Kort / 500px

Selfportrait with Eiffel by Nastia Sokolova on

© Nastia Sokolova / 500px

© Jerm Cohen / 500px

mandarina. by Cristina Otero on

© Christina Otero / 500px

#SELFIE by Marci Harangozó on

© Marci Harangozo / 500px

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