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16 breathtaking backdrops to fuel your wanderlust


As a photography fanatic, you can't help but appreciate some of the epic backdrops that appear in Hollywood movies.

From the desolate deserts of the Sahara (Star Wars) to the luscious woods of New Zealand (The Lord of the Rings, The Hobbit) and the rolling hills of Scotland (Harry Potter), the locations in these movies exist in real life and are waiting to be explored. 

For those of you with serious wanderlust, we present you with 16 of the most scenic locations from recent Hollywood history. 

Light Storm by Joseph Rossbach on

Glacier National Park, New Zealand - The Chronicles of Narnia © Joseph Rossbach / 500px

Bag End Panorama by Andreas Reiter on

The Hobbit - New Zealand - © Andreas Reiter / 500px

Hobbit home by Sandro Zahra on

The Hobbit - New Zealand © Sandro Zahra / 500px

Diagon Alley by Vivienne Gucwa on

Harry Potter - London, UK © Vivienne Gucwa / 500px

Journey through Scotland by Martin Molcan on

Harry Potter - Scotland © Martin Molcan / 500px

Hunger Games by Elaine Li on

The Hunger Games - Paris, France © Vivienne Li / 500px

Henry River Mill Village by Denise Worden on

The Hunger Games - Henry River Mill, NC, USA © Denise Worden / 500px

Shadows by Alex Thornton on

Alice in Wonderland - Cornwall, UK © Alex Thornton / 500px 

Antony House by Rose B on

Alice in Wonderland - Antony House, Cornwall, UK © Rose B / 500px

Tom Quad by Jim Walker on

The Golden Compass - Oxford, UK © Jim Walker / 500px

London Painted Hall Ceiling- ORNC by Sagar Mohanty on

The Golden Compass - Old Royal Navy College, Greenwich, UK © Sagar Mohanty / 500px

Bibliothèque Sainte Geneviève by Francisco Vallejo on

Hugo - Bibliothèque Sainte Geneviève, Paris, France © Francisco Vallejo / 500px

Belchite by Ricardo Ribeiro on

Pan's Labyrinth - Belchite, Spain © Ricard Ribeiro / 500px

Pont de Bir-Hakeim - Paris by Dean Preston Photography on

Inception - Pont de Bir-Hakeim © Dean Preston / 500px

Star Wars movie set, Tunisia, Sahara Desert by Renee Vititoe on

Star Wars: A New Hope - Toseur, Tunisia © Renee Vititoe / 500px

To see more epic collections, check out 500px's ISO blog. 

Header image: Chronicles of Narnia - Cathedral Cove, New Zealand © Martin Bagg / 500px

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