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20 Night Sky Shots That Will Leave you Speechless


Photo: Andrew Pavlidis

It’s not as easy as it looks, but if you’ve got the technique down pat, the right gear, and lots of patience, you’ve got what it takes to capture the beauty of a star-studded sky. To inspire you this week, 500px put together a gallery of spectacular night sky shots. From images of the Milky Way galaxy to the Northern Lights, these 20 stellar shots the stars will remind you of the immensity and infinite beauty of our planet.

A l o ne by Saravut Whanset on

© Saruvat Whanset / 500px

The Tadpoles nebula - Beauty in space by Sara Wager on

© Sara Wager / 500px

Origin by Tomer Yaffe on

© Tomer Yaffe / 500px

Corbiere Road Meteors by Nick Venton on

© Nick Venton / 500px

Under the Stars by Cody Limber on

© Cody Limber / 500px

Alone by Sarawut Intarob on

© Saruwat Intarob / 500px

Petra tou Romiou by Ollie Taylor on

© Ollie Taylor / 500px

False Kiva Canyonlands Milky Way by Christopher E. Herbert on

© Christopher E. Herbert / 500px

The Heavens Above Her by Ian Norman on

© Ian Norman / 500px

Yellowstone Stars by Royce

© Royce's Nightscapes / 500px 

Lights from the Milky Way by Alberto Ghizzi Panizza on

© Alberto Ghizzi Panizzi / 500px

Mezzanine by Juan Diego Jiménez on

© Juan Diego Jimenez / 500px

Window to Another World by Pavlos Pavlou on

© Pavlos Pavlou / 500px

Galaxy rising by Jörgen Tannerstedt on

© Jörgen Tannerstedt / 500px

Milky-way by James Rignault on

© James Rignault / 500px

Long Night At The Office by ONElapse Photography on

© ONElapse Photography / 500px

Road to the stars by Carlos M. Almagro on

© Carlos M. Almagro / 500px

Venus and The Milky Way by Andrea Spallanzani on

© Andrea Spallanzani / 500px

Vulcano Nevado del Ruiz by Jonathan Duriaux on

© Jonathan Duriaux / 500px 

Make sure to check out more great work at 500px ISO, home to the greatest photo stories from around the web.

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