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2014 iPhone Photography Awards unveil winners


Photo: Juana Chaves

The iPhone Photography Awards (IPPAWARDS) recently announced the winners of the 7th Annual Contest. The contest highlights how impressive mobile photography is in this day and age. Enjoy a selection below of a few of our favorites....

02-JOSE-LUIS-BARCIA-FERNANDEZ-2nd POTY, © Jose Luis Barcia Fernandez© Jose Luis Barcia Fernandez
07-YILANG-PENG-1st Architecture, © Yilang Peng© Yilang Peng
08-CHUN-WAI-TO-2nd Architecture, © Chun Wai To© Chun Wai To
10-DANNY-VAN-VUUREN-1st Children, © Danny Van Vuuren© Danny Van Vuuren
12-MELISA-BARILLI-3rd Children, © Melisa Barrilli© Melisa Barrilli
21-CRAIG-HARVEY-3rd Landscape, © Craig Harvey© Craig Harvey
25-FELICIA-PANDOLA-1st Nature, © Felicia Pandola© Felicia Pandola
32-COCU-LIU-2nd Others, © Cocu Liu© Cocu Liu
41-DRAGOS-BARDAC-2nd Seasons, © Dragos Bardac© Dragos Bardac
53-COCU-LIU-2nd Trees, © Cocu Liu© Cocu Liu

Written by Matthew Rycroft

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