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5 Top Photography Apps


Easy Release (Model release app)
This is a goodie for street photographers – Easy Release is a convenient model release app for your phone or tablet. Sign up your subjects quickly and efficiently and have peace of mind – it’s well worth the guarantee there is no legal headache down the line…

Snapseed (Photo editing app)
This intuitive and user-friendly photo-editing app allows you to quickly turn a photo from good to great. It’s probably safe to say that the majority of killer shots on Instagram have been run through Snapseed. 

Photosynth (Panorama app) 
Yes, there is a panoramic functionality on most smart phones – but Photosynth is a different beast. Capture your entire surrounding in a panorama, including the floor to the ceiling above. Requires patience and a steady hand.  

Triggertrap (Camera utility app)
You’ll also need to invest in a trigger, but this app transforms your phone into an all-knowing all-powerful trigger for your camera. 

Echograph (Cinemagraphs)
Basically cinemagraphs are half photo, half video. The technique consists of part of a frozen video still masked over a seamless looping video – adding a subtle looping motion to one part of the still photograph. We added this app because we think cinemagraphs are like the other side of the pillow – cool. 

What are your go-to photo apps? Drop us a comment on Facebook.  

Written by Matthew Rycroft

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