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Before he was a COOPH Master and a photographer, Lorenz Holder was a semi-professional snowboarder. After an unfortunate injury that took him out of the snowboarding world, he picked up a camera as he was (and still is) always drawn to nature and the mountains. That's where his photography carreer kicked off. 

As Holder puts it, "pieces came together and somehow I never got away from shooting." 

If you've seen a few of Holder's images, you know that he's got a few signature styles that he uses - the techy one with a lot of color and excessive use of external lights, the superclean B/W documentary approach and one style that he calls the "Monk" style (named after Tony Shalhoub), which uses a lot of symmetry and clean lines. 

"In my eyes, a perfect action picture is a landscape or architectural picture that people would hang on their walls without an athlete in it. If you then are able to put an athlete performing in that picture, you have the perfect action photo," says Holder. 

Holder isn't a fan of the exploding photography industry, especially when it comes to gear. He says that nowadays people care more about what gear something was shot on and don't care about the shot, the process or the emotions created by a specific shot. 

When he's not out on a shoot, he's actually teaching his two 4-year-old sons the first steps into photography, meanwhile exploring the field of photography further - he recently bought a large format camera and loves the purity it brings with it. 

When it comes to his favorite COOPH product, it's actually one we introduced only recently - the Field Jacket. "It is technically so well thought out and looks good at the same time. I love it! But I also can’t wait to try out the gloves when it gets colder, they seem to be pretty awesome too," says Holder. 

His next shoot will take him to Switzerland to shoot some snowboarding action, so we're sure the gloves will come in handy! 


Check out more of Lorenz Holder's work by heading over to his website

Written by Richard Bos

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