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Balazs Gardi and the rise of Insta-Journalism


Photojournalist Balazs Gardi has been using Instagram to share his experiences – revealing how powerful the social network can be for distributing essential information directly to a wide audience. Gardi has been covering the global water crisis over the past decade, and his recent Instagram posts from Kenya include incredibly detailed captions outlining the struggles of the community.

"Instagram allows me to put the image in context and deliver it directly to my audience. By passing on my experiences, I'd like to spark meaningful public dialog. As time goes on I hope my audience takes action that either directly helps people in great need or changes their own behavior for the better," says Gardi.

Check out some examples of Gardi’s powerful & personal updates from Kenya below:  

 Eveng Ewoi sits in front of his hut in the Nayanae Kaabaran settlement south of the #Todonyang plains in #Turkana, #Kenya #Africa. Eveng, along with the whole community, fled the village of Todonyang after the rival #Daasanach tribe from #Ethiopia destroyed it during a massacre in 1994. The settlement is home to about 70 families who live in extreme poverty without any assistance from the Kenyan government. #watercrisis #drought #climatechange #complexemergency #nextwar #Azdarya

 Mary Aweet and Ekidor Eweet stand with their children in front of their makeshift home in the Nayanae Kaabaran settlement south of the #Todonyang plains in #Turkana, #Kenya #Africa. The couple fled the village of Todonyang after the rival #Daasanach tribe destroyed it during a massacre in 1994. The displaced community lives near the lake but further south of the border of #Ethiopia hoping to stay out of the reach of their enemy. #watercrisis #climatechange #complexemergency #drought #Azdarya

Ekatorot Ebei pours water into empty jerrycans while his brother, Lokol, waits inside the temporary well the locals dug into the dry bed of the Nakiria River near the town of Kalokol in #Turkana, #Kenya, #Africa. The brothers receive 10 Kenyan Shillings (about $0.11 USD) for each #jerrycan they deliver to the nearby town. They only take one round usually at the end of the day and spend the 80 KSh ($0.92 USD) they earn on food and supporting their family. #watercrisis #drought #climatechange #Azdarya

 A woman carries #water to her makeshift home in Nairobi. Not being connected to the municipal water system means that she has to spend a substantial part of her income to buy several jerrycans of water every day. #Azdarya

Ekamais Lokai, a Turkana herdsman, points his gun while he describes his recent encounter with members of the rival #Daasanach tribe on the #Todonyang plains near the border of #Ethiopia in northwest #Kenya, #Africa. From the cover of the tall reeds Daasanach gunmen launched the attack when the #Turkana herdsmen drove their livestock to drink from #LakeTurkana. #watercrisis #climatechange #complexemergency #Azdarya

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Written by Matthew Rycroft

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