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In a world filled with color, Thomas Leuthard emphasizes contrast, dialling his photos back to how it all started. His black & white street photography showcases emotion, grit, determination, but most of all, life as it happens. His classic black and white photography caught our eye, and now, we’ve brought him onto the team as a COOPH Master.

Leuthard wasn’t always a photographer though. His interest in digital photography was sparked by an ad in a magazine while he was working as an IT-guy. Intrigued by the technology that went into creating a DSLR, he decided to order one, and it all snowballed from there.

His interest in photography was born well over 25 years ago, but back then, it was just a hobby. “Due to a lack of apprentice opportunities I took the office path and ended up in the IT department of the government. The missing creativity came back in 2008 and my photography career began. I think it was good to first learn a solid job and the jump into art than vice versa.”

While a lot of people would call his style street photography, Leuthard himself sees it differently. “I'm taking candid photos of strangers in the street where I try to make something extraordinary out of the everyday life. For me, it's the documentation of life in public as seen through my eyes.”

The current state of the photography industry has him worried a bit, as he says that nowadays a lot of beginning photographers try to compensate for creativity and vision by buying more gear.

However, when talking about specialised apparel, his attitude changes a bit. “You can take photos in any kind of clothes, but it's like in every sports or hobby. When you have the right attitude and the right apparel, nothing can go wrong. So it's the same in photography. Although the apparel doesn't make the shot, it feels good to be correctly dressed for your craft.”

His favorite piece of COOPH gear? The COOPH ORIGINAL Hoodie.

Check out more of Thomas Leuthard’s work on his website and Instagram and stay tuned to COOPH!

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Written by Richard Bos

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