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Bless the mess with the COOPH Photographer Apron


An apron is a functional accessory worn by men and women of various professions such as smiths, carpenters and chefs. The main purpose of this garment is to prevent the clothes from getting dirty or damaged, but there’s also a whole lot more to it. It provides comfort and a sense of readiness. It’s a symbol for craftsmanship and professionalism, an adornment, and even a fashion statement.

Studio photography is a very special form of craftsmanship in itself which takes more than just technical knowledge and photography skills. Taking the perfect picture requires a lot of creativity, and creativity has a tendency to get messy. So, who would be better suited to wear an apron than a photographer?

We came up with the COOPH Photographer Apron; a useful and fashionable accessory, that’s not only comfortable to wear but also comes with some handy features. It has a front pocket which is perfectly designed to hold your light meter, as well as two side pockets for your lenses or even just your hands. The rustic-style leather belts on the back are worn across-the-body, which makes the apron precisely adjustable and comfortable to wear on the neck.

This rugged accessory is perfect for studio work and allows you to maintain a professional but stylish look. It’s exclusively available in the COOPH Store and is a limited-edition product, so get it whilst you can!

CO Photographer Apron 02

Front pocket to hold your light meter

CO Photographer Apron 03

Two side pockets for your lenses or your hands

CO Photographer Apron 04

Rustic-style leather belts on the back

Check out the COOPH Photographer's Apron and all of our other functional apparel by heading over to the COOPH Store

Written by Michael Griessler

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