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Burdens of a White Dress


Photo: Jen Kiaba

Award-Winning artist Jen Kiaba grew up in the Unification Church, a religious group that is considered by many to be a prime example of a cult. Her project "Burdens of a White Dress“ is strongly influenced by the ordeal from living in a cult that forced her into marriage. Though leaving the marriage was considered a sin, she broke the bond and left. When looking at her photos, the color red - the color of sin - is omnipresent; however, her photos are not representations of her guilty conscience. Quite on the contrary, they chronicle her journey of freeing herself from the burdens of a cult.

Check out some photos of her project below...

COOPH Jen Kiaba 001
COOPH Jen Kiaba 002
COOPH Jen Kiaba 003
COOPH Jen Kiaba 004
COOPH Jen Kiaba 005
COOPH Jen Kiaba 006
COOPH Jen Kiaba 007
COOPH Jen Kiaba 008

Written by Theresa Friedl

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