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Catch some Rio vibes with these 12 amazing shots


The world’s eyes are on Rio de Janeiro this week as the top athletes of their respective sports compete for gold prize glory. We’re probably not the only ones wishing we were hopping on a plane to Brazil right now, so we're satisfying our travel bug with these incredible photos of Rio de Janeiro. If you can’t be in Rio de Janeiro over the next few weeks, scroll through these pictures and take a quick “trip” with 500px through the city, with stops to sightsee at its iconic architecture, jaw-dropping mountains, and popular beaches.


M.A.C. by Mauro Franca on

© Mauro Franca / 500px

Where Happiness Lives by Tim Snell on

© Tim Snell / 500px

Historical street with old church tower - Paraty - RJ - Brazil by Luciano Queiroz on

© Luciano Querioz / 500px

Landing on Sugarloaf by Antonio Marchetti on

© Antonio Marchetti / 500px

Christo Redentor by Dirk Hiller on

© Dirk Hiller / 500px

Untitled by Filipe Sarmento on

© Filipe Sarmento / 500px

Walking on the clouds. by João Bispo Aragão on

© João Bispo Aragão / 500px

Golden hour in Sanca by Tainá Barbosa on

© Tainá Barbosa / 500px

Citylights by Lukas Bischoff on

© Lukas Bischoff / 500px



Cristo Redentor - Rio de Janeiro by Diego Marcondes on

© Diego Marcondes / 500px

Rio de Janeiro by César Asensio on


© César Asensio / 500px

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