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COOPH and Leica introduce the Rope Strap


The new Leica Rope Strap is for adventurous photographers in need of a robust and secure way to hold their camera. It’s COOPH’s latest collaboration with Leica; and a partnership the brand is really excited about.

The unique strap, which has strong, hand-sewn stitching, is made from repurposed mountaineering rope, giving it a rugged yet elegant look to make photographers stand out on shoots. The rope features genuine Italian vegetable-tanned leather end pieces. It is a simple yet sturdy accessory that will provide its owners with the upmost comfort, whatever they’re shooting. 

The Leica Rope Strap comes in four colors and two sizes: Glowing Red, Fire, Night and Oasis at 100cm and 126cm; and is available exclusively through the COOPH Store

Here is what others have to say about the Leica Rope Strap: 

Popular Photography

RB Leica Rope Strap Oasis LR 0236

The Leica Rope Straps are available in Fire, Night, Glowing Red and Oasis colorways. 

RB Leica Rope Strap Glowing Red LR 0111-1

The Leica Rope Strap is the finishing touch for your camera. 

CO 161115 Straps LR 0148-1

Detailed finishes in the leather show the exquisite craftsmanship.

Written by Richard Bos

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