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COOPH announces a new master!


At COOPH, we’re committed to supporting photographers around the world; and not just through the creation of our innovative apparel or photography tutorial videos. Once in a while, we see a photographer who breaks the mould… one who thinks outside the box with a unique and mesmerizing style. When someone has these characteristics and shares the same passion for photography that we do, it’s only logical that we bring them on board.

It’s with great pleasure we can announce that a new COOPH master has joined the family: the wonderful Chrissie White. Based in Seattle, Washington, USA, Chrissie is officially the first female to represent our brand and its wide range of photography-inspired apparel and accessories. From thematic self-portraits to emotive and atmospheric nature photos, she has a well-rounded and highly captivating portfolio.  

In her own words, Chrissie is inspired by the different modes in which we interpret reality and will sometimes make herself lucid dream when she needs fresh ideas. Her love of bold color, uncanny circumstances, and the remote wilderness, translates into visions of a surreal and vibrant world. When she isn't creating still life images in the studio, you'll find her with a camera and a tent playing outside.

In the very near future, Chrissie will be working alongside COOPH on a wide variety of exciting collaborations - so watch this space! Want to learn more about the lady behind the lens and her other photography projects? Then check out her website, Instagram, Flickr, Tumblr and Vimeo.

Written by Fred Simmons

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