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COOPH Supports Canadian Charity Photo Walk!


A group of young photographers recently held an epic Charity Photo Walk in Toronto, Canada. Hosted by friends of COOPH, photographers Dale Tidy, Ross Pulsford and Jason Cipparrone and organised by Hinge Production and Toronto Guardian, the walk went super well and it was really cool to see such creative photography in action. Our team was especially proud to sprinkle some COOPH flavor and help the photographers gear up with some COOPH classic tees! 

Thanks to Dale and team for an awesome day! Check out some of the photos from the Charity Walk below…

DT 20151024 TGPhoto Walk 6, © Ross Pulsford© Ross Pulsford
DT 20151024 TGPhoto Walk 79, © Jason Cipparrone© Jason Cipparrone
DT 20151024 TGPhoto Walk 87, Dale Tidy rocking some COOPH gear © Jason CipparroneDale Tidy rocking some COOPH gear © Jason Cipparrone
DT 20151024 TGPhoto Walk 13, © Jason Cipparrone© Jason Cipparrone

Check out more of Dale Tidy's work by heading over to his website or Instagram

Written by Richard Bos

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