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Don’t sweat it, it’s a Gray Chart you can wear!


Summer is knocking at the door all around, and as a photographer this means longer hours to shoot, the chance of capturing beautiful magic hour shots and capturing that mesmerising twilight. Looking to keep the sun out of your eyes? The COOPH Gray Chart Cap series is the ideal addition to your gear collection. 

The COOPH Gray Chart Caps comes in 4 different types, the ICON, the HANDS ON, the PURE and the ORIGINAL. Each cap sports an integrated wide sweatband as well as gray fabric under the lid that functions as a gray chart when shooting. Perfect for when you’re out on a photo mission and need to make sure you get the right light. 

Get your Gray Chart Cap now and you’ll be set for the summer! 

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Every hat features a gray chart that you can use for light metering

1 cooph-cap-sky featured-img-productshot
cooph-cap-sand backstitch
cooph-cap-night COOPH-logo

Written by Richard Bos

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