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Feeling Blue?


The Deep Blue, Picasso's Blue phase, Blue Monday...There's certainly a lot of blue in our lives. 

With these 15 photos, you're outlook on the color blue is about to take on a new level of appreciation. 

Main image: © Antea Mrcela / 500px

*** Stand Up N Get Counted *** by Shyama Prasad Mishra on

© Shyamam Prasad Mishra / 500px

Aphelia by Anastasia Khandozhenko on

© Anastasia Khadozhenko / 500px

Mist Forrest by Mitsuru Wakabayashi on

© Mitsuru Wakabayashi / 500px

Djupalon by Sigurbjörn Ragnarsson on

© Sigurbjorn Ragnarsson / 500px

*** by Paul Toma on

© Paul Toma / 500px

High altitude by Alex Benetel on

© Alex Benetel / 500px

Dead Sea visions by Julia Wimmerlin on

© Julia Wimmerlin / 500px

The Most Beautiful Pond In The World! by Kent Shiraishi on

© Kent Shiraishi / 500px

The Story of My Hopes by Adrian Borda on

© Adrian Borda / 500px

Midnight Storm by Lauren Naylor on

© Lauren Naylor / 500px

Peeking Penguin by Josh Anon on

© Josh Anon / 500px

Dock by Victoria Berngard on

© Victoria Berngard / 500px

Spanish Sahara by Loïc Vendrame Photography on

© Loic Vendrame / 500px

Untitled by NOBU on

© Nobu / 500px

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