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Photo: Juan Carlos Labarca

Recently COOPH photographer Leo Rosas held a workshop with budding photographer Juan Carlos Labarca. We asked Juan some questions on his experience and he shared these kind words with us…

What were you after with the COOPH workshop?
Really, I feel it was a boost I needed. I lacked knowledge in post-production, and I wanted to learn more about playing with light and creativity. Now I enjoy post production and I’m eager to continue exploring!

How was your overall experience at your COOPH workshop?
Leo was a dedicated tutor and has much knowledge of photography – with execution and post-production. He was very motivating at all times. Also, it was very pleasant to work with professional equipment that served all my needs!

How was your experience of the studio shoot?
It was cool! I had studio experience doing some fashion and products shoots, but you can definitely learn so much more from Leo. There are some concepts and theory that I been experimenting in my work and it looks professional now. I feel I have more tools to do whatever I want... or know how to do it!

How was your experience of the outdoor athlete shoot?
This was a little bit tricky in the beginning, but after a few shots you feel more comfortable after remembering all the tips given in the studio. It's amazing when you start to consider and align all the factors such as light, people and architecture. I can do so much more from what I learnt in the studio and now feel that everything is under control… It’s a great feeling when you are doing personal stuff or working for a client!

Would you recommend COOPH workshops?
Of course! The entire experience is absolutely recommended. If you have the chance to go, do not hesitate! You will thank me later! ;)

Be sure to check out Juan Carlos Labarca's website & Instagram.
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Written by Jon Williams

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