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Gearing up with broncolor Gen NEXT


Now this pretty awesome. Swiss company broncolor have launched a new photography project called broncolor Gen NEXT

This is how it goes: broncolor (who produce premium lighting systems) are kitting out young photography talents with their finest gear. All the creative results from the photographer’s shoots will be featured on the broncolor Gen NEXT website. It’s a win for the photographers because they get access to dream gear, and it’s a win for broncolor because they get product feedback & insight from the next generation of pro photographers. 

The project kicks off with Lara Jade, Benjamin Von Wong, Dustin Snipes, Manuel Mittelpunkt & Jason Jia. These five young pros already have incredible portfolios, but will be pushing their limits & new gear even further now, and we get to watch it all unfold on the blog. 

Sounds good? It gets better…
The next group of young photographers will be chosen through a global online contest launched at the beginning of 2015. So if you’re a young pro photographer (under 30) and are keen to take part, you’ve got until the end of the year to polish up your portfolio if you want to land the golden opportunity of being part of the broncolor Gen NEXT group!

Check out the website here, and follow the action on broncolor's Facebook, Instagram & Twitter accounts.  

Written by Matthew Rycroft

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